What is Capital Planning and Investment Control

In the CPIC phases, four data and information needs must be met. These include the Pre-Select phase, which considers the business needs for the investments. Next is Select, which decides on the best investments to make. Subsequently, Control determines what action is taken to ensure that the investments deliver their projected benefits. Finally, Evaluate determines if these benefits were achieved or not.

CPIC involves deciding, tracking and evaluating information technology investments using a systematic process.

Investing in Information Technology necessitates making the best possible use of its potential.

CPIC considers information technology investments, planning and control through a systematic approach.

The Clinger Cohen Act of 1996 mandates that US federal agencies give significant consideration to the benefits of their IT investments.



Before a client can move through the CPIC lifecycle, we help them understand each phase.

Project managers gather information necessary for supporting a detailed investment proposal during the Pre-Select Phase. This includes assessing each investment’s support of USDA’s strategic and mission needs.

After the E-Board completes Phase 1, they choose which projects to work on during Phase 2 and 3. This is done through independent investment analysis and by considering USDA’s goals and overall structure.

The USDA takes a hands-on approach to ensuring that any technological projects are executed or developed in a consistent manner. They accomplish this through timely oversight, executive review and quality control of every project.

After projects have been implemented, future performance is assessed against expected results. This is done to assess the effectiveness of each project, as well as identify any changes or improvements that need to be made. Lessons learned from this process are then applied to improve the management processes for future projects.

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