Is NEXE Stock a Good Buy?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to buy NEXE Innovations stock, you’re not alone. The company is a volatile one, and it also has a relatively low trading volume compared to its peers. Nevertheless, it has a strong balance sheet, and you should look into it if you’re in the market for a new stock.

NEXE Innovations Inc.

Nexe Innovations Inc (TSXV:NEXE) is an advanced materials company that develops fully compostable plant-based single-serve coffee pods. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It has raised $60 million in equity.

As a packaging material company, NEXE is focused on the private label segment. The company recently signed its first purchase order in the United States. The company also plans to expand into the physical retail scene. Currently, NEXE serves customers worldwide.

Nexe has spent six years conducting research and development. Now that the company has a large customer base, it plans to increase production capacity and introduce additional sustainable products. By 2023, NEXE expects to turn a profit of CA$117k.

NEXE has partnered with Awaken Brands to produce proprietary pods for the company’s Ecobeans brand of coffee. NEXE also expects to enter into additional co-packaging superfood offerings.

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NEXE Innovations’ volatility

NEXE Innovations is a compostable materials company that is on track to begin production in Windsor, Ontario at the end of the year. NEXE is working on becoming a vertically integrated manufacturer, which is a process that cuts out the middleman and reduces supply chain risk.

The company has begun buying high-tech machinery to extrude plant-based materials into unique capsules. It plans to expand into eyeglass frames, make-up containers, and meat trays in the coming years. NEXE’s first product is fully compostable single-serve coffee pods.

According to analysts, NEXE’s stock could double from current levels in 6-12 months. They believe the market for single-serve coffee pods is $30 billion. This figure is on the rise as governments are taking steps to limit the use of non-renewable single-use plastics.

NEXE Innovations’ annual returns

The NEXE Innovations stock price has been on a roller coaster for the last two weeks. On the last day, the price spiked 4.24% compared to the previous day’s close. This is a good time to look at NEXE’s financial performance.

NEXE Innovations is a disruptive materials company that designs and manufactures innovative packaging and compostable materials. It serves customers worldwide. Currently, the company focuses on two segments, the private label and co-manufacturing categories.

One of the company’s latest initiatives is the creation of a compostable coffee pod. Using this technology, NEXE plans to launch its own branded coffee in Keurig style pods in the US and Canada. The coffee will be available through grocery and e-retail channels in North America.

NEXE is also in the business of securing the best in class partners for its products. Among them, the NEXE has signed a deal with Awaken Brands to provide proprietary pods for the latter’s Urban Hippie line. These pods will be fully compostable and able to handle Awaken’s ecobeans infused coffee.

NEXE Innovations’ trading low compared to its peers

NEXE Innovations is a Canadian-based company that specializes in plant-based single-serve coffee pods. The company’s pods are fully compostable.

While Nespresso is one of the largest players in the pods market, NEXE has a unique opportunity to become the second largest player. By the end of 2022, NEXE plans to be in 0.22% of the overall pods market. That will bring NEXE close to $44 million in sales per year.

Although NEXE has an advantage in the pods segment, it needs to do more to promote its brand. As a result, the company is planning to increase its production capacity. In addition, NEXE is focusing on generating additional revenue from the Keurig compostable pods it sells.

NEXE also plans to focus on promoting its brand through various channels. For example, the company recently launched a direct-to-consumer subscription service for its Xoma Superfoods line.

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