Smart Contract – Solidity Engineer $105K – $147K/year

100% Remote Job Full-Time Employee Canada

Position: Smart Contract – Solidity Engineer

Job Description:

As a Smart Contract – Solidity Engineer, you will play a crucial role in the development and deployment of highly impactful smart contracts to secure Chainlink CCIP (Chainlink Community Improvement Proposal) networks. Your primary responsibilities will include collaborating with fellow engineers to build end-to-end product experiences, ensuring the security and effectiveness of the smart contracts, and working closely with operations and research teams to ensure smooth deployment and the creation of practical, user-friendly products.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Smart Contract Development: Develop, test, and optimize smart contracts using Solidity, a programming language designed for Ethereum-based blockchain networks. These smart contracts will play a pivotal role in securing Chainlink CCIP networks, enhancing their functionality, and improving overall user experience.
  2. Collaboration: Collaborate with a diverse team of engineers to build end-to-end product experiences. You will work closely with frontend and backend developers to integrate smart contracts seamlessly into the broader application ecosystem.
  3. Security and Auditing: Implement best practices and security standards to ensure the safety and integrity of the smart contracts. Regularly conduct audits and code reviews to identify and address vulnerabilities, minimizing the risk of security breaches.
  4. Deployment and Scalability: Work with operations teams to ensure smooth deployment of smart contracts to various networks. Optimize and scale smart contracts to meet the growing demands of Chainlink CCIP networks while maintaining high performance.
  5. Research and Innovation: Stay updated with the latest developments in blockchain technology and contribute to research initiatives within the company. Explore innovative solutions and techniques to enhance smart contract functionality.
  6. User-Friendly Products: Collaborate with the research and design teams to create user-friendly products that enable practical use of the smart contracts. Consider user experience and usability in the development process.


  • Proficiency in Solidity: Strong experience with Solidity programming language and Ethereum-based smart contract development is essential.
  • Blockchain Expertise: Familiarity with blockchain technology, decentralized applications (dApps), and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.
  • Security Awareness: Deep understanding of security best practices in smart contract development and experience with auditing and code reviews.
  • Team Collaboration: Strong teamwork and communication skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams of engineers, researchers, and designers.
  • Problem Solving: Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to find creative solutions to technical challenges.
  • Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to evolving blockchain technologies and methodologies.
  • Blockchain Networks: Knowledge of various blockchain networks, with a particular focus on Ethereum and the Chainlink network.

If you’re passionate about blockchain technology, have a strong background in smart contract development, and are excited about contributing to the security and functionality of Chainlink CCIP networks, this position offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and make a significant impact in the blockchain space.


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